#69 IE8 x64 won't resize


Under windows 7 x64, resizing IE8 doesn't work; trying to do so also causes taekwindow to "hang": it no longer resizes _anything_ thereafter. This behaviour doesn't occur when you resize by clicking onto part of the toolbars/window frame, so it's probably related to the multi-process-multi-HWND nature of IE8. Moving doesn't work either, but doesn't freeze up taekwindow. If you first move/resize IE8 by clicking on the toolbars/window, then further attempts to move/resize the web-area of IE _do_ succeed, but taekwindow responds as if you're continuing a drag that started where you originally dragged the window frame or toolbar (so he does resize/move IE8, but not the way you'd expect it).

This bug almost certainly effects other IE8 versions too, based on similar experiences with x64 apps in general on vista - it seems taekwindow doesn't quite cleanly deal with windows that live in separate "process spaces".


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Also getting this for the x86 version (using Internet Explorer Collection).

  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2009-12-23

    Fixed in version 0.3, to be released soon.

  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2009-12-23
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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