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CVS migrated to GIT

All development will now take place in our GIT repo.
We stopped using CVS.

Posted by Jeroen Nijhof 2010-12-22

pam_tacplus 1.3.0 released!

pam_tacplus 1.3.0 has finally been released!

This version supports multiple TACAS+ authentication methods like pap, chap and login (ascii). The default is still pap for backward compatibility.

Posted by Jeroen Nijhof 2009-12-01

pam_tacplus-1.2.11 released!

I've finally released pam_tacplus-1.2.11!

This version has been successfully tested on linux, solaris, AIX and netbsd!
It contains some major bug fixes so check it out.

Posted by Jeroen Nijhof 2009-03-31