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0.1.0 alpha release

Taborca has one working, useful feature so far (in addition to being able to view PDFs): it can export a page as a GIF file with the page text included as a GIF comment. But this was a bit complicated to enable (I wrote a new imageformat plugin as a wrapper around libgif). So as a Tuesday afternoon project I figured out how to build Qt apps on MacOS, and also how to include the dependencies inside the "bundle". Wrote a new script which makes it semi-reproduceable. I tested this release on my wife's Mac which has very little extra stuff installed (no XCode, no Qt, no fink or MacPorts stuff) to verify that the dependencies are all there. Guess what... it can export GIF files with comments. Whoohoo! (The quality isn't great... seems to be some trouble with fontconfig, but I'm just jazzed because this is my first ever Mac release of anything.)

Posted by Shawn Rutledge 2009-09-09

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