No pressure sensitivity in Illustrator CS3

  • Kevin

    Kevin - 2007-07-30

    Hey gang,

    I have been playing with Illustrator CS3 and haven't been able to get pressure sensitivity working with the brush tool.  It works in Illustrator 10 without a problem.  Has anyone else had any luck?  I am worried that all the CS3 apps are going to lose the pressure control .  Thanks!

    • Morrie Gasser

      Morrie Gasser - 2007-07-30

      I haven't used it extensively, but a quick test of pressure sensitivity in Photoshop CS3 works fine with the brush tool.  I'm using sensitivity to control opacity.

      • Scott Lahteine

        Scott Lahteine - 2007-07-31

        Yeah, I just tried Photoshop CS3, and although the pressure is detected there's still the old issue where sometimes it just doesn't get the pressure and you get a constant-sized stroke. Once again, I have no idea what causes this behavior, and once again, Adobe applications are the only applications affected by this issue. It's either the way Photoshop interacts with pressure events or something to do with the order in which tablet events are being sent to the system and received by Photoshop. I'll continue to experiment with this, but no guarantee of success.

        On the bright side, Photoshop CS3 does fix the issue where the ends of strokes have blobs.

        As for Illustrator, it has Brush Options (in the brush palette popup menu) that include pressure, but they're grayed out for me. I suggest installing the Wacom driver, then see if the pressure options become available.

        Meanwhile, Flash CS3 seems to work just fine - even without the Wacom driver installed.

        Personally, for tablet-based vector art I prefer to use Flash, then import into Illustrator if needed. And I don't paint in Photoshop. Painter is better for that... and it works with TabletMagic.

        Again, I'll see what I can do, but no guarantees. Adobe is pretty inconsistent in their detection and handling of tablet events.

    • Kevin

      Kevin - 2007-08-03

      Hey Scott,

      No need to try and come up with a solution.  I was just trying to figure out the "pressure greyed out" issue.  I agree that Flash is much better for the vector art, and Illustrator 10 still works like a charm with TabletMagic.  I'm also with you on Painter, and use ArtRage quite a bit as well.  ArtRage also works great with Tabletmagic.  You've done a great job, and I can't thank you enough.  Please keep up the good work!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have a Thinkpad X61 with tabletmagic. I get pressure with photoshop CS4 but Illustrator CS4 like CS3 does not allow me to choose pressure. Is this a missing driver in Illustrator or somefeature missing in tabletmagic. I'd be glad to help and debug it if I could. Illustrator is a core product for me. Tabletmagic is great but I need Illustrator... :-(

      • Scott Lahteine

        Scott Lahteine - 2008-11-17

        Pressure is provided to the system events chain by TabletMagic. If an application fails to respond to this pressure information that's because it is not programmed to get pressure from the system, but from somewhere else. In the case of Illustrator, we're stuck. It is up to Adobe to implement Mac OS X tablet event and pressure support.

        Meanwhile, if you need to draw with pressure your best option is Flash.


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