ADB Tablets *now working*

  • Simon Stapleton

    Simon Stapleton - 2009-04-01

    Hey all.

    I'm feeling a bit smug.  I now have my ADB tablet working, under Leopard, on a 24" intel iMac, connected via an iMate.  I know, I know, it's been nearly a year since I last posted anything, but cut me some slack, alright?

    For the moment, the code can be found at

    There's a lot of stuff that needs fixing, like integrating the ADB tablet driver with the current version of the prefs pane (and, indeed, giving it some preferences, haha), making it all fire up automagically and so on.  The driver of the iMate is separate, and probably needs to stay that way, as it's a derivative of Apple code, so needs to be released under the APSL.  I'll try and get it integrated into the base Darwin core, but I don't hold out a vast amount of hope for that, as ADB is somewhat "old news" for Apple.

    Anyway, enjoy.


    • Scott Lahteine

      Scott Lahteine - 2009-04-03

      Wow, I'll check it out tonight!

      Now you know why I've always said ADB support is "impossible." That's an inspiring word!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        GASP! ... please...please tell me that wasn't an April Fool's joke! If everything's true, it means there's some way to make tabletmagic work with ADB tablets, right?
        That would be totally awesome!

        • Simon Stapleton

          Simon Stapleton - 2009-05-01

          No joke.

          I'm looking at ways to make it cleaner, and to get all the tablet events handled, and probably to pull it all into the main tabletmagic codebase, but yes, ADB tablets work, as long as you have an iMate.

          • Simon Stapleton

            Simon Stapleton - 2009-05-01

            Bugger, looks like typo fuxxored the link to the code.  It's there now, I've added it explicitly.


            contains the source for both the iMate driver and the ADB wacom driver (the latter is probably better pulled from tabletmagic svn though, I've upped my changes).


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I think I threw out my iMate, having given up hope!

      I'll have to dig up my old ADB stuff to see. I used to have a joystick too...

      • Simon Stapleton

        Simon Stapleton - 2009-05-07

        Joysticks and other "odd" stuff will require post-iMate drivers, of course - in that respect my driver won't help much *except* that it exposes the ADB controller side of the iMate, which has been missing since the iMate drivers went west around 10.3 or so.

        the code itself is still a bit flaky, but I'm working insane hours at the moment and don't really have time to mess about in the evenings.


    • Simon Stapleton

      Simon Stapleton - 2009-05-20

      If anyone's interested, I just put up a better version of the iMate driver on my blog; it now handles sleep / wake properly, and doesn't kernel panic your machine if you plug and unplug rapidly.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi simon,
    this is bernhard from years ago…
    your link "" doesn't work?! where can i get the soft for testing?


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