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    I was delighted to find that TabletMagic supports a Wacom SD-420E that I'm trying to set up for a local artist who can't afford a tablet.
    Unfortunately, when I set everything up using a Keyspan USA-28XG adapter, it has problems:

    * Keyspan drive and TabletMagic both see and correctly identify the tablet.
    * Despite the fact that TabletMagic doesn't seem to support Mouse mode for this model tablet (which is fine with me), when the TabletMagic daemon is running, it seizes control of the cursor. At times, any contact of the stylus with the tablet makes the cursor jump to the upper left hand corner of the screen. The mouse will still move the cursor but mouse clicks are disabled and the mouse can't move any icon or affect anything. The Wacom stylus does not take over these functions either.

    * After restarting, I was able to get the stylus to draw in Photoshop but only with very slow and jerky response to stylus movement on the tablet. The response wasn't usable for drawing.

    I'd really appreciate any suggestions on what settings I need to correct this.
    I apologize if this is a stupid question ( I hope the solution is obvious). I've read the tablet manual and the TabletMagic manual but don't see a solution there.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Pat,

      I have a Wacom Intuos GD-1212-R and when I first set up my tablet in OS 10.4.11  I had some issues that sound like yours.  After messing around with the settings in Tablet Magic, I realized that I had to severely limit the actual Wacom surface area that mapped to the screen.  So, on the "Mapping" window within TabletMagic I have to set the "R" and "B" Tablet Settings to a proportionally smaller area that is the same shape as the screen.  The screen coordinates should be maximized...for me it's "1679x1049".  This means that I am drawing in the upper left hand side of my tablet, not using anywhere near the entire surface, but I have grown to like it. 

      I cannot  touch any of the other settings in the "Testing" window or else I have to uninstall both TabletMagic, the Keyspan driver, and manually remove the "Keyspan kext" and any Receipts.  I'm not sure why this is, but is.

      One more note..I am using the Keyspan-19H adapter, but I have also used a generic PL-2303 adapter with the same results.

      Hope this helps.

      • Scott Lahteine

        Scott Lahteine - 2009-07-23

        Does this solve things for you, thread starter? And I'd be curious to know if you can perceive any rhyme or reason to the way it's behaving. Does it seem like bad math, or does it clear up if you just - say - resize the drawing area once? If it's bad math, I'd love to hear some diagnostics, like - touching the pen down in the middle puts the pointer 400 pixels from the left edge. I haven't had my my Artz-II hooked up in a while, otherwise I'd mess around and see if I can reproduce it.

        Also, if things get weird, try the Panic button in TabletMagic. It can recover your mouse control when things get screwy.. though you might need to do the whole option-F7 thing to get to the button with the keyboard...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Feeling foolish here.
      Mapping now seems to be fine but I am unaware of having done anything to to correct it.
      On the other hand, the stylus still won't draw correctly in Photoshop.
      It now moves as expected but the line drawn doesn't follow the path of the stylus's movement; even contorted movements produce simply a straight connecting the starting and ending points of the stylus path.
      Also, the actions of the status lights seem odd to me but I haven't used this tablet before and so don't know what's normal. Ready and Status lights both come on when the stylus approaches the tablet; the Status light goes off with pressure on the stylus.
      Testing page in the Preference Pane explains some of the intermittent loss of mouse response. Pressure on the pen yields a pressure reading of 170. With heaviest possible pressure, the pressure reads 170 and rises to 255 upon release. If released abruptly, the Pref Pane indicates that the pen is still engaged. I have to touch the stylus to the tablet again to disengage it.
      Self-test indicates all is fine.
      If all finally works as desired, will this model tablet be pressure-sensitive with TabletMagic?

      thanks again,

      • Scott Lahteine

        Scott Lahteine - 2009-07-27

        Does your tablet have a bunch of DIP switches on the back? If so, they need to be set correctly for TabletMagic to have proper communication with the tablet. I have documentation on them, so if you need it let me know and I'll post it here for you.


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