(ADB Tablets) New Driver for iMate, etc

  • Simon Stapleton

    Simon Stapleton - 2009-06-15

    Well, one of the disks on my server popped its clogs, so I moved the new version of my iMate driver over to google code.  Anyone wanting to play with ADB tablets will be wanting the latest build, which no longer requires replacement of Apple's existing code (this should be a relief for those with powerbooks, which still have built-in ADB controllers)

    It's here : http://code.google.com/p/imate-osx/

    In other news, I have a driver on my machine for the ADB tablets that's happily churning out HID events, and I'm convinced that if I tweak it a little more, I should be able to make it work with Wacom's own driver and control panel.  If not, making it work properly with OSX should now be  relatively trivial.  Which probably means another year of waiting hahah


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm currently about to reinstall my Mac OS X build on my PC, and I will be using a GD-0912-A tablet with an imate USB adapter. How well is the driver currently functioning, and is there anything i can do to help the project along?


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