katzlbt - 2007-01-30

We will/have implement/ed a way to customize or replace classes
TABR with your own code. This would make sense if you decide
to create a new main list page, or a specially customized contact
display and do not want to loose the ability to simply upgrade.

Also, you might want to embed TABR inside another application, for
example a CMS or a bulletin board to handle login and conttact

For this purpose we will provide factory methods for most pages
that allow you to replace each class with a subclass or your own
modification at runtime.

From cofig.template.php ...

This section allows you to replace some classes of the
application with your own classes.

WHY? Because you still want to get upgrades and fixes
     even if you have adapted TABR. Do you agree?
     You want to share your modifications quickly
     without creating a patch? Wouldn't that be efficient?

HOW? 1. Create a PHP class that extends the existing class
        class MySpiffyPageList extends PageList
     2. Override the methods that you want to replace
     3. Add to posing array: 'MySpiffyPageList' => 'PageList'
     Select sensible names for your class (NOT: MyPageList)
     to be able to share it with others

The interfaces are not final, but you could contribute to the heated discussion: