[URGENT ] register_globals ON

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    The php.ini have been changed by the administrator (Amen.fr) !
    I do not have any access to the php.ini. Since this morning, tab doesn't work and I have this message :

    «**Fatal error: php.ini register_globals MUST BE off. TABR will malfunction.**»

    Is it possible to run TAB with  register_globals "ON" ? If yes, what I have to Do ?

    Thank you for your replies …

    Greetings from France

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2009-09-18


    It is _probably_ possible to run TABR with register\_globals on, however I _strongly_ discourage you to do so.
    Our code has **NOT** been designed for the use with register\_globals on, so turning it on is **unsafe** (and does eventually not even work).

    I can only urge you to contact your admin and tell him to turn register\_globals off, since turning it on on a running (i.e. not newly installed system) is even worse!

    If you want to try to run TABR with register\_globals on, read the following instructions. **ONLY DO THIS AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE UPPER NOTICE AND THE (http://www.php.net/manual/en/security.globals.php) IN THE PHP DOCUMENTATION WHY register\_globals IS _BAD_**

    To run TABR with register\_global turned on, uncomment lines 43,44 of lib/init.php:

          if(ini_get('register_globals'))  // If register_globals is enabled
              $errorHandler->error('version','Fatal error: php.ini register_globals MUST BE off. TABR will malfunction.');

    I remind you once more that this is only a **temporary** solution and you have to turn register\_globals off as soon as possible.



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