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eric roos
  • eric roos

    eric roos - 2009-03-25


    As a newbie, i want to add 1 field to the "names fieldset" (for example: member number). I have add 1 field to the database in the table contact. I have also add in "PageContactEdit.class.php" 1 extra line to the funtcion createNameFieldset(). When i add some values in the new field , an error occured. What i have to change? Thanks in advance, Rik

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Why do you not use the prefix or postfix title as member number?
      Or why do you not use a property as member number?

      For those you do not need to modyfy anything.

    • eric roos

      eric roos - 2009-03-26

      i now, but i use always the prefix and the postfix field. Prefix for "mr, mrs, prof ..." as a pulldown instead of the "sex" field, The postfix field for "the name of an institution". I have to add also the member number of the guys who are member of the institution.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        You still can save the member number as "other" property of the contact and also display it in the list. Would that work for you?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, thanks for the support.


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