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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Having spent a couple of hours searching the internet for a usable web-based address book for my small company I must conclude this script is the best.

    These are features that could make The Address Book still more powerful:

    - export all, import all (for backup or synchronization)
    - import vCard
    - give different users different access rights (John may browse our clients, Jane should see only people related to one project, etc.)
    - what about displaying notes in the general listing?
    - search by keyword in ALL fields of an entry (first/second name, notes, email, website etc. etc.)
    - checkboxes in the listing for group mailing (which may even result in a list of all emails separated by comma's for mailing with an ordinary email program)
    - what about uploadable files for contacts (resume)?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      And one more suggestion:

      - forward contacts to other defined contacts (bring people in contact with each other)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The current version in the SVN already contains the following modifications:
      - Import of vCard(s)
      - Full XML export
      - notes in the general list
      - massmails are supported through the search interface with checkboxes
      - backup in the admin panel makes a mysqldump of the database. Unfortunately many people use shared DBs, so a restore of this DB through a web interface may have the side effect of restoring other DBs too. This is why there is no restore feature.

      - uploads can be attached as a link, so one needs only to set up a webdav or ftp directory on the same server and paste a link into the contact.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        - massmails are supported through the search interface with checkboxes

        I cannot find this feature with multiple checkboxes just one option i can choose!

        grtz Frans de Vries

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just a short comment on the implemented features:

      - Import of vCards is not working properly in many cases. Specifically, not all information is imported. For example, I couldn't import correctly vCards downloaded from my Nokia 6680, and vCards of Skype can't be imported either :(
      - XML is great, but it would be probably more convenient to realize group vCard export
      - massmails: well, they are supported in search results, but the search itself is not quite flexible (see query below) :/
      - restore: I think the best way would still be universal mass import/export of vCards. Further it would be really great to be able to load all contacts from TAB into the mobile phone (currently the vCards generated by TAB are not recognized by Nokia phone).
      - uploads: sure, but one still has to upload the file apart (not just as automatic part of adding/editing contact form).

      And regarding the search functionality, I recently had to do the following, which would be really great to realize at front-end:

      SELECT properties.value
      FROM properties, groups, grouplist, contact
      WHERE grouplist.groupname = "Netherlands"
      AND grouplist.groupid = groups.groupid
      AND =
      AND =
      AND properties.type = 'email'
      AND contact.lastUpdate > '2008-01-02 00:00:00'
      Limit 0,1000

      However critical my comments could sound, the TAB remains the best open source programme I've seen on the web and I an happy I found it!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've just upgraded my TABR 3.0.5. to 3.3, upgraded the DB, but I can't modify the contacts :(

      The error is:

      Failed to do query: Table 'kyiv_contacts33.ContactChangeLogger' doesn't exist
      In query: INSERT INTO ContactChangeLogger VALUES (830,1,'type: other, label: Position, value: Senior purchasing manager, visibility: visible, refid: ')

    • katzlbt

      katzlbt - 2008-01-07

      You should disable or uninstall the ContactChangeLogger plugin via the admin panel.

    • katzlbt

      katzlbt - 2008-01-07

      Maybe you could try to figure out what makes Skype/Nokia vCards special:

      Please post as feature request with attachment:
      1. Example of vCard from Skype/Nokia
      2. Example of same vCard exported from TABR

      vCards are ACSII so a text file would do.

      I have not found a way to directly import/export vCards into Skype. It only has a sync Wizard that does not allow to open VCF files (on my Mac).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The sdeardchlist is a single field search, I want to select for instance all people with the name Jones in city X and with the function of y, thats the way i use databases and it would be a great feauture if it could be achieved within tabreloaded.

      Kind regards
      Frans de Vries

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        check out lib/custom/ProjectSearchList.class.php
        It is an advanced list. You will need to adapt it. It is not generic.

        Try to activate:
                'PageSearchList' => 'ProjectSearchList'

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      - give different users different access rights (John may browse our clients, Jane should see only people related to one project, etc.)

      Wow... this is awesome!
      I'm the only one who use my TAB2... this because there is many personal information in my list that I could never share (like id numbers, FTP passwords and so on).
      If would be possible to select which filds on the list only the administrator could see and block for regular users, I could share my list with many people...
      Another thing that I would like to see in TAB3 is one way to allow users to see only contacts from his own group.
      Like my family contacts can see everyone in family group but can't see no one out of this group.

      Is that to hard to implement ? 


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