• Nobody/Anonymous

    This is one of the worst, most difficult to learn, anti-user friendly address book ever done up. I say this even though I have understood the functions well enough!

    The original "The Address Book" was great. Simple yet Professional. It was straight forward.

    After being "reloaded". We have all kinds of marvelous stuff but the learning curve is so steep, it puts people off!

    Mark my words. Keep it simple and professional. This is my sincere feedback to you.

    Simplify the coding and the approach else it's only a few people appreciating your works.

    The instructions are crap too! Had to figure it out the long way by trial and error.

    1 upon 5, I rate.

    Don't take it negatively. I meant well.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am looking forward to the final version of tabr simply because the TAB is so good, but this comment disturbs me.

    • katzlbt

      katzlbt - 2007-09-25

      Well, what sould I say ... I can understand why you said this.

      TABR is obviously a very complex system. The MYSQL Scheme though is very simple and much more flexible than the old one. TABR needs extensive developer documentation to be hackable.

      In my long experience I have never seen that Object Oriented programming made things simpler for occasional programmers to apply a quick fixes (look at Java). Unfortunately that was lost.

      On the other hand I looked at the "Smatry' Template engine integration of the original, which also did not make things easier.

      Object oriented programming requires documentation and an overview where things are done to be able to fix little things. This is simply missing here out of lack of time. Any volunteers to generate the PHPDoc from the code, anyone volunteering to fill in a TABR Wiki? Email me!

      This application is very complex, yet it added very much flexibility for advanced programmers. One could even run it as module/user manager of another web application. The next version will support XSLT templates for contacts and have more AJAXian features.

      Here some insights:

      All Pages are created as Model View Controllers with controller scripts that could be converted to AJAX.

      Controller: contact/contact.php or contact/contact.ajax.php
      Model: backEnd/Contact.clas.php
      View: frontEnd/PageEditContact.class.php

      To make TABR extesible the application includes the factory pattern (v3.1 I think):
      You could replace PageEditContact.class.php with MyPageEditContact.class.php by simply editing the config.php

      To make TABR changeable the application includes the delegation pattern:
      You could replace PageDelegate.class.php (creation of the page layout) with your own class.

      All these changes would prevent you from upgrading to a new version of TAB in the old TAB architecture. Now you just can make the changes and wait for an upgrade and apply it.

      The price for flexibility is complexity of the application. Some parts of the DB retrieval of a Contact are so complex that nobody should mess with it (gzm0 used comments too sparingly), but anyway: any field you add to the DB scheme will be retrieved and stored automatically.

      I understand that this application does not support quick hacks and one who tries to do that will be lost very quickly.

    • Anonymous - 2007-12-19

      Whoa.  That comment was a bit harsh.  The kind that people tend to make in the heat of frustration.  It's a pity that when things do go well (more often than not) that they do not post Thanks.

      Sure TABR and many other applications here at SF could have cleaner code, more features and better documentation.  On the other hand, all you moochers (that includes me) could contribute cleaner code, funds, or help with the documentation/translation.

      Personally, TABR has helped me satisfy a few clients, so I appreciate its availability and the time that Katzlbt and Tobias put into the project.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hmm .....  a saying in the Netherlands (and probbably the same in other countries) states "its has to get worse before it gets better"

      TAB-reloaded is a very prommising application but still developing.
      I'cant help you with it because of some health problems.
      But I'm following the project and I'm using tab 1.04e and the new tab-reloaded 3.3

      Ok there are a few things i'm missing like an simpel export to excel or csv file, and it might be available in sub-dirs classes etc but i'm not capable of dealing with that kind of stuf due to my health problems. Also my English got very poor after my medical problems so I do not understand al the technical details any more.

      So I can understand the OP but we just have to wait some time.

      Kind regards
      Frans de Vries

    • CODPostGrad

      CODPostGrad - 2008-06-18

      I'm just a humble legal aid attorney in Southern California. I thought I would use your project for our local bar association's membership directory. I think it's great. Everyone who does work like yours is extremely talented. Developing it open source keeps our costs down, helps us organize/access information quickly and enable us to spend time working on pro bono client issues. Thank you. Jimmy in PS


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