HELP HELP (MAPS and Expanded Entries)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I can't seem to use the Maps or see it on below a person's contact address even after I activated the plugin. Please help me!!! How do i enable this function.

    Also, I can't seem to find where to key in the birthday entry. Where can I find it at the Add Entry.

    Err, there is also another thing I like to ask, that is in, the full list allow viewers to expand the detailed entry on the page itself with a +/- button. How do I activate this function...

    I am kinda confused how to use this address book though I have tried it out for 1 week. Can katzlbt or someone provide me with a doucmentation of how to use this Address Book? The readme that is provided in Version 3.0.5 is very limited and Usage.pdf is not provided in the zip file.

    Also, i would like to understand more of the various plugins such as 'AddNewEntryMenu', 'AdminCertificateAuthority', 'AdministrativeRequest' and it's usages.

    I would like to setup an address book, such that when a user register, he will have to wait for a confirmation reviewed by the admistrator. After which the administrator gives him a confirmation mail to allow him to add his entry only and can only add one entry and not edit others. He will be able to view all other contacts in the address book. Is it possible to be done with TAB Reloaded 3.0.5?

    Pls Advice.

    Please, Please, Help me... I will be very grateful to anybody who can help me as I'm rushing to setup this address book for my church website.

    Thank You katzlbt and much regards.
    Take Care.

    • katzlbt

      katzlbt - 2007-10-06

      See HELP forum for the answer to this.


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