TA-Lib 0.2.0 released

TA-Lib provides more than 125 common technical analysis functions for financial trading applications.

This version is an important milestone. A lot of code clean-up now makes TA-Lib focus only on what it does best: be a portable calculation engine for technical analysis.

New Features

- Added technical analysis functions:
ULTOSC : Ultimate Oscillator
NATR : Normalized Average True Range

- Enhanced JUnit of Java port.

Major Changes

- TA-Data is now an independant project (see fidalsoft.org)
- TA-PM deprecated for lack of participation.
- .NET Timeseries deprecated for lack of participation.
- TA-Lib has no dependency anymore (libcurl dependency eliminated).

API Changes

- TA_SetInputParamPricePtr() TA_Timestamps parameters removed.
- TA_Initialize() is now parameterless.
- New .NET namespage: TicTacTec.TA.Lib
- New Java namespace: com.tictactec.ta.lib


Many fix of Java port.
#1434450: CMO not handling divide by zero

Thanks to all contributors.

Info: http://ta-lib.org

Posted by Mario Fortier 2006-06-16

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