TA-LIB 0.0.7 Released - Excel Support Added

TA-LIB is a C/C++/Excel library for technical analysis of financial data.


- Excel Add-In implemented. Give it a try with "example.xls".

- Some new TA Functions:
MFI Money Flow Index
MIDPRICE Midpoint Price over period
MIDPOINT MidPoint over period
TRIMA Triangular Moving Average
MACDEXT MACD with controllable MA type
ROCP Rate of change %: (price-prevPrice)/prevPrice
STOCHF Stochastic Fast
AVGPRICE Average Price

- Remove TA_Libc parameter from all functions.

- MA Type names have changed to be consistent

- STOCH function can now handle any MA type

- Speed optimization of some functions.

- Fix #660248: TA_HistoryAlloc start/end intra-day range.
- Fix #660250: BBANDS when using a MA type != SMA
- Fix #660449: TA_STOCH crash with certain parameter/data
- Fix #644512: ASCII Data Source [-I] bug

See HISTORY.TXT for summary of previous version.

Info: http://ta-lib.org

Posted by Mario Fortier 2003-01-12

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