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SZARP moved from SVN to Git

Today we moved our source repository from Subversion to Git. Subversion access is currently available read-only and will be removed in future - Git contains all development history imported from SVN. See for details.

Posted by Paweł Pałucha 2010-04-14

Custom Cygwin X.Org installer

To connect to Linux SZARP server from Windows desktop in the same local network, X-terminal emulator can be used. The most popular choice is free X.Org server from Cygwin package.

Cygwin X.Org installer available for download from SZARP project page contains GUI installer for setting up X server IP address. It is also stripped off from all unnecessary files, resulting in only 6MB installer size.

Posted by Paweł Pałucha 2009-09-10

Remarks database changed in 3.1.104

Remarks database format changed between versions 3.1.63 and 3.1.104. If Draw3 program for Windows crashes with assertion 'ret == SQLITE_OK' in remarks.cpp, you need to delete old remarks database file. Location of this file is <user home>/.szarp/remarks.db, for example C:\Document and Settings\john\.szarp\remarks.db.

Posted by Paweł Pałucha 2009-09-10

SZARP 3.1 and in repository

SZARP major version number has been increased from 3.0 to 3.1. Code has been cleaned and all non-GPL dependencies have been removed. Main subversion repository of project moved to SourceForge, so you can get current version with something like:

svn co szarp

Posted by Paweł Pałucha 2009-07-10

SZARP: 3.0 released

SZARP is a full-featured, open source (GPL) SCADA system for Linux. Client programs are available for Linux and Windows.

Year after publishing SZARP as Open-Source we have a new major release - 3.0.

There are many changes from previous version, full log is available at, most important includes:

* full unicode support
* internationalization, including mechanism for on-the-fly translation of technical parameters' names
* embedded LUA scripting language for defining both server- and client-side parameters; editor for user's parameters
* experimental support for OpenGL draws display
* new, free logo

Posted by Paweł Pałucha 2008-11-24

SZARP at SourceForge

SZARP has been registered as a project at SourceForge. For project's info and download, see our home page -

Posted by Paweł Pałucha 2007-11-18

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