#12 User and game profiles

Chris Young

Allow changing of runtime options for the current session only, ie. do not insist on saving the current settings unless the user wants them saved.


  • Thunor

    Thunor - 2011-02-05

    I've had a think about this and I have something that can be easily implemented now for the next release:

    I myself find that when using my GP2X I remap the joystick a certain way to make it easy to navigate and edit BASIC programs. Other times I play games that use QAOP, so I think that we are talking here about profiles, and it can be easily implemented by adding something to runopts such as:

    Profile < {Gaming|BASIC|Other} >

    Looking at runopts I'd say the most sensible place to put it would be at the top of the first page as it's likely to get more use than many other options.

    How would this work? The default would be Gaming. When the rcfile is saved, the data is saved into a [Gaming] section, therefore right at the top of the rcfile must be emulator.profile=Gaming so that sdl_rcfile_read knows what to read. Now, when the user opens runopts, changes the profile and presses Save, the existing profile is first saved before the newly selected profile is read in.

    How does that sound? I personally wouldn't make much use of more than 2 profiles, so having Other as the third will service those who would.

    If this is to your liking I can implement it very soon.

  • Thunor

    Thunor - 2011-02-05

    The alternative is to present the user with a dialog on exit:

    Save changes?
    Yes No

    That would meet the requirements of the feature request.

    Is it better to just have the default one profile and then allow the user to discard changes on exit using the above method, or is it better to use profiles, or both, I don't know. Perhaps a profile could be locked:

    Profile < {Gaming|BASIC|Other} >
    Lock Profile (O) Yes ( ) No

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young - 2011-02-05

    Save - Yes/No would do, however I like the profiles idea (in addition)

    Throwing some ideas around; I'd take it a bit further, and associate profiles with different files. So if I load PipePanic, sz81 would use the profile I've specified for that game - maybe this could point to a profile, maybe it could be a entirely custom config (perhaps a pipepanic.p.sz81rc in LOCAL_DATA_DIR). In which case the Save Yes/No could be changed to Save Yes (default)/Yes (current title only)/No.

    If we do that, then maybe need a "reset to defaults" (reset this profile to main sz81 config).

    Loading would need to switch between any game profile and the default profile.

  • Thunor

    Thunor - 2011-02-10
    • summary: Change runtime options without saving to disk --> User and game profiles
  • Thunor

    Thunor - 2011-02-10

    Write to sz81rc?
    Yes No


    I've renamed this feature request to "User and game profiles". Profiles will be quite involved and it's another job for another Winter :)


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