Now I am using OSCAR kit to construct a cluster . I have
12 homogenous nodes.I installed the RedHat9.0 in a node
that will work as the server node(or master node) .The
node has a integrated NIC,and its type is bcm4400.The
RedHat 9.0 doesn't support it,so I download a driver .
After I installed the driver of bcm4400,all is Ok.
  I started OSCAR install.In the step 6,when I installed the
client nodes,the client nodes cann't complete install.
  In the client nodes,the part useful message is as follows:
#checking for floppy diskette
#you may see some "wrong magic" errors here, and that is normal.
#no floppy diskette in drive
#IP address not set by local.cfg, I will use DHCP
#sending on LPF/lo/<null>
#sending on socket/fallback/fallback-net
#DHCP is cover on lo to port 67 interval 7
#DHCP is cover on lo to port 67 interval 17
#DHCP is cover on lo to port 67 interval 17
#DHCP is cover on lo to port 67 interval 19
#no DHCPoffers received
#no working lease inpersistent database sleeping
#I couldn't configure the network interface using DHCP.
  In the client shell,I input the command 'ifconfig',
only the 'lo', doesn't have 'eth0';
  I ask that in the OSCAR mail list,one kind people
said I need a kernel supporting a bcm4400 ,he also
said the SI team will gave me a perfect answer.
  Thank you for answers!

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