SystemImager 4.1.6 (unstable) released

SystemImager is software which automates Linux installs, software distribution, and production deployment.

SystemImager makes it easy to do automated installs (clones), software distribution, content or data distribution, configuration changes, and operating system updates to your network of Linux machines. You can even update from one Linux release version to another!

This release includes some bug fixes and small improvements respect to 4.1.4. If you're already using the unstable branch, the update to 4.1.6 is really smooth and it's strongly suggested.

After moved to 4.1.6 it's strongly suggested to update also all your .master scripts for your images (by si_mkautoinstallscript).

This is the changelog from 4.1.4:
- use hotplug to automatically load kernel modules in
autodetect_hardware_and_load_modules() with BOEL
- print a list of loaded kernel modules at the end of
- remove spinner when quietly installing image: this removes dirty characters
in the virtual console of si_monitortk
- use a more reliable way to copy module configuration files for UYOK
- removed 94all.update_initrd post-install script: the same feature is
provieded by systemconfigurator adding CONFIGRD = yes in systemconfig.conf
- fixed a bug in disks/partitions auto-detection routine to initialize LVM
devices when --autodetect-disks option is used
- resolve symlinks when copying module configuration files for UYOK (this fixes
disk-by-id naming problems with openSuSE 10.3)
- added a workaround to not touch /dev/null on a build host with old versions
of gcc
- updated BusyBox to 1.9.1
- updated rsync to 3.0.0
- updated mdadm to 2.6.4 (this also fixed a bug with 256K chunk size and RAID5
- various improvements in si_lsimage (completely rewritten to show images
details in parallel)
- fixed a bug with recent kernels and RAID-4/5/6 modules (now all the
RAID-4/5/6 functions have been merged in the raid456.ko kernel module)
- some optimizations in si_clusterconfig
- now the option --server must be not mandatory for si_prepareclient if
--no-rsyncd is specified

You can download 4.1.6 packages here:

The detailed changelog is available here:

You can find information about our email lists, IRC, bug reports, etc. at:

-the SystemImager team

P.S. Please, remember to register your cluster(s) in the SystemImager cluster map (! This is really important for us and it allows to continue the constant development of this project.

Posted by Andrea Righi 2008-03-24

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