SystemImager 4.1.4 (unstable) released

SystemImager is software which automates Linux installs, software distribution, and production deployment.

SystemImager makes it easy to do automated installs (clones), software distribution, content or data distribution, configuration changes, and operating system updates to your network of Linux machines. You can even update from one Linux release version to another!

This release includes a lot of bug fixes, that means it should be (hopefully) considered nearly a stable release.

The most important news is the introduction of the Xen support. Hopefully soon we'll be able to use SystemImager to provision and manage virtual environments such as physical environment, or to use it as the right tool to perform physical to virtual, virtual to virtual and virtual to physical migrations. All transparently in the same way and using the same tool!

The other important fixes consists in the improved interactions with System Configurator, that allows to have a better support for heterogeneous clients and gives a total independence from images to block device management. This means that now you can easily migrate your clients from a initial block device configuration to another (moving from non-LVM to LVM, or from non-software RAID to software RAID devices, for example), using the same image and only changing the partitioning configuration (autoinstallscript.conf).

After updating to 4.1.4 it's strongly suggested to update all the .master scripts of your images (si_mkautoinstallscript).

This is the changelog from 4.1.2:
- turn on rsync quick checks (based on size and modification timestamp) for files in the image and turn off quick checks for files in the overrides
- allow CTRL+C to break the init script (/etc/init.d/rcS)
- fix disk names in /boot/grub/ if it exists in the image
- updated BOEL kernel to (for i386 and x86_64)
- allow si_clusterconfig to show the image associated to each client
- properly detect UYOK kernel version also when the build string contains the the build date in the yyyy/mm/dd format
- fix: automaticaly exclude from images
- allow to auto-detect disks when imaging Xen VMs (experimental)
- fix: correctly skip non-kernel files in UYOK kernel detection
- fix: set correct disk names for systemconfigurator
- any change in autoinstallscript.conf now automatically fixes the boot-loader configuration, so the warning in si_mkautoinstallscript is no more needed, just remove it
- updated rsync to 3.0.0pre10
- print image size on the console before starting imaging
- update the cluster configuration cache only when si_clusterconfig changes something
- do not clean-up si_monitortk threads on exit
- print a note about cluster-register/cluster-map website ( when a image is successfully cloned and configured by si_getimage
- synchronize /etc/hosts with /var/lib/systemimager/scripts/hosts (the hosts file used during imaging) by si_clusterconfig only when /etc/hosts changes
- remove redundant boot parameters in systemconfig.conf

You can download source and binary packages here:

The detailed changelog is available here:

You can find information about our email lists, IRC, bug reports, etc. at:

-the SystemImager team

P.S. Please, remember to register your cluster(s) in the SystemImager cluster map (! This is really important for us and it allows to continue the constant development of this project.

Posted by Andrea Righi 2008-02-24

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