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Release 2.1.0

Add a fix in V4L API using.
Now it works great with mplayer.

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2009-05-08

Syntek Semicon DC-1125 Driver: Release 2.0.0

Linux/Unix driver development for Syntek Semicon USB2.0 Video device DC-1125, like the one that is found in Asus A6K laptops. The device can be recognized by the usb id 174f:a311 and maybe also be a standalone unit (not integrated).

A new release of syntek driver for kernel 2.6.29

Warning, this release breaks the compatibility with the older kernel.
If you use a younger kernel, please work with the branche 1.x.x.... read more

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2009-03-26

Release 1.4.0

A new release of syntek driver (kernel 2.6.27)
Add also support for webcam Syntek 174F:6D51

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2008-11-23

Release 1.3.1

A new release of syntek driver

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2008-04-27

Release 1.3.0

A news release of syntek driver

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2008-04-27

Release 1.2.3

A new release of syntek driver :
- suppport for webcam syntek (
174f:a311, 174f:a821, 174f:6a31, 174f:6a33, 174f:6a54, 05e1:0501)
- support RGB/BGR palette (24 and 32 bits)
- support YUV palette
- support HAL
- tested with Xawtv, mplayer/mencoder, camorama, skype, ekiga...

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2007-12-07

Release 1.1.0

A new release of the syntek driver for the video camera of the Syntek companie.

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2007-09-01

First release syntek driver 1.0.0

This first release of this driver supports :
- Support V4Lv1
- Support V4Lv2
- STK-1125 support : fps, brightness, contrast, whiteness, hue
- STK-1135 support : contrast, whiteness
- Video format : RGB24, RGB32, BGR24, BGR32
- SYSFS informations : /sys/class/video4linux/video0/....
- Kernel segfault correction
- Resolution : 80x60 to 1280x1024

Posted by Nicolas VIVIEN 2007-05-18

First UserLand Tools released

The first experimental code is out there, if you're interested in the current alpha development phase, come and get it.

Posted by Martin Roos 2006-10-25

Project launched

Project has been launched, the website will be up in a few days. Also, hereby i would like to ask the users who have access to windows on their machines, to collect usb snooping logs for the device's interactions, more details about this will be on the homepage.

Posted by Martin Roos 2006-09-29