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  • Martin Roos

    Martin Roos - 2006-09-29

    Post your logfile locations as a reply here please, so we could find them all in one place.

    If the location is constant, make a note to your post, so we could add the link to our website too.

    • Martin Roos

      Martin Roos - 2006-10-01

      ps. don't forget to compress your logfiles, they will be huge :)

    • Maxxer

      Maxxer - 2006-10-10

      Finally here's my log
      (I had to reinstall windows on my pc to get it!!! :) )

      I just ran Netmeeting and did a local view. Then closed and reopened NM again, of course in both cases "recording" some seconds of video.

      On the first run I had to configure netmeeting, I don't know if you'll find different access to the cam.

      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-10-11


        One way of getting the video transaction going would be, open windows explorer, on the left you see the list of drives/locations, the camera is also listed there.
        Click on camera, the right panel of explorer should show the streaming video in a few seconds, click anywhere else to stop it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Some time ago I posted my snoop there:

      pass is: m560x

      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-10-16

        I saw it there, but 48 kbytes can't be a proper usb log, the log has to be tens of megabytes large, not some kilobytes :)

        I think maybe your upload to the server was broken or your log capture failed ?

        Anyway you are welcome to try again & better luck this time.

        Thnx for your support :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      these are my log-files for the syntek dc1125 webcam:

      On the last link I have grabed a picture.

      I have created the log-files with usb-monitor.

      I hope this helps

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      here's mine... done with usbsnoop
      I only stand in front of my PC.
      I cut it, because it size was 1Go :p
      I don't know if it helps... maybe would I have to capture specific images...
      Anyway, I hope you'll success :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can find my log:

      I just ran camera with windows explorer. Log has done with usbsnoop.


    • Martin Roos

      Martin Roos - 2006-10-24

      Thank you for the submissions. I'll do my best to take a look at them in today or tomorrow. I'm currently cleaning up the code of my testing application so i could make a first release of it sometime soon. Don't hope for video magic as of yet, it's all about communicating with the camera and getting the information out from it.

      I also need a very special logfile, if you have time for it, please do it. Record for 10 seconds while you are holding a quite bright light source right in front of the camera, choose something that wouldn't harm your sensor, like a led light or a flashlight. If the picture that you see on windows screen is all white, please record it and send it to me. If you can make a screenshot that looks alike to your recording session, it wouldn't be bad either.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hy everybody,

      I have started to write a driver for this video camera.

      Obviewsly, there is several revision of the chipset DC-1125.

      I submit equally the USB traces.

      usbsnoop_plug : trace when I re-plug the Webcam
      usbsnoop_view : trace when I launch the videoview.exe

      kulminaator, I want work with you and deal your aknowledge about USB traces.

      Can you send me your documentations about USB video and syntek ? (or put then on this website).

      My e-mail :
      progweb AT

      Kind regars.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        And for the src :


      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-10-24

        I posted my main C file at your mailbox.

        My code is a bit more advanced than the source i found from your site, but the idea is basically the same.

        I will release the whole packet within this week so you could all play around with it. But i have to note down that you _need_ kernel 2.6.18 or newer to use it, since the isoc transfers from older kernels don't work quite right.

        You also need to disable acpi for the time that you make the tests, otherwise a hang due to buggy asus bios will definitely follow sooner or later.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I'm trying giving a lot of time on syntek project.

      Thank's to USB traces with usbsnoop.

      But, can you post equally the output of lsusb :

      lsusb -d 174f:a311 -v > lsusb.txt

      We haven't always the same output.
      I think that audio isn't always present.

      The microphone of my laptop operates directly with my sound card.

      Well, I'm preparing different configurations...

      kulminaator can you correct the fisrt page of the website ?

      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-10-25

        I haven't really seen different configurations as of yet, can you give out any examples ?

        In the laptops at least, the audio channels of the usb device are not used, i'm running linux here and it the builtin microphone works as a fallback from the mic plug on the side, it's directly attached to the sound card on the motherboard. However this may not be the case for external devices based on the same chip.

        Let's just leave the audio aside for a moment and focus on the video, we need to find out what's going on in there :)

        So far my best guess is that the camera is using two modes, at first some frames will be catched to create a indexed colormap and after that something very very weird starts to come from the channel, maybe a huffman to that colormap ? Don't know yet. Anyway the mode change is done a few isoc transfers after the start.

        Can you hold your horses on code until i release the files on the weekend ? Otherwise you'll just trouble yourself for much nothing there, try to work on the video format now instead please :)

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I have completed my website about project :

          In trace, I add the file

          I haven't the same number of interfaces.

          I have uploaded the files from the windows driver that I use.

          Look at the bcdDevice, we haven't the same revision...

          When I start my device, it seems that the driver tries several configurations.
          1°/ driver sets the config 1
          2°/ while (read 64 times the register 0x201 if != 0x04);
          3°/ if timeout, driver set the config 2
          4°/ then test the register 0x201...
          5°/ set the config 3...
          6°/ etc...
          until the register 0x201 returns 0x04.

          I think, but I don't know !

          Can you send me all USB traces to I compare them ?
          (With the lsusb output)


          • Martin Roos

            Martin Roos - 2006-10-25

            I released the alpha version of my software here on sourceforge, grab the source and see it for my init sequences. Running it is on your own responsibility.

            Will now make a news on the thing.

    • Simo Mattila

      Simo Mattila - 2006-10-25

      My lsusb -vv and usbsnoop can be found here:
      I have Syntek webcam on Asus A6T, and microphone works thru soundcard. I didn't manage to get totally white pic, only white circle with rest of the picture black at best, so there's only some other video.

      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-10-26

        I guess it's the autobalance of the camera that doesn't give us the whole white picture.

        However, i guess there's some way to get around it (smth black into the middle of the light source's output, so the border would be the brightest spot).

        I'm going to search for the frame markers from the linux app since it's almost stable now, so don't drive yourself mad over that anymore.

        Thnx for your support :)

      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-10-26

        You also seem to have the bcdDevice 0.05, my machine has 0.01 ... interesting :)
        I also have 2 other interfaces for audo which are not used ... your device doesn't show them at all...

        Interesting interesting....

        However the logfile that i cleaned & stripped for important information, looked extremely similar, so i guess there shouldn't be a huge difference (let's hope so) :)

    • Nicolas VIVIEN

      Nicolas VIVIEN - 2006-11-11

      I need USB logs from a chipset revision 0.01 (bcdDevice = 0.01) with the
      last windows driver release get on the ASUS web site.


      • Martin Roos

        Martin Roos - 2006-11-15

        I made a news issue on the problem, let's hope someone picks up the call.

      • Maxxer

        Maxxer - 2006-11-17

        I have that version.
        Would you please point me to the Win drivers, as I can't find them on the website?


        • Nicolas VIVIEN

          Nicolas VIVIEN - 2006-11-18


          You can download the driver on


          Somebody sent me an USB log with the last windows driver for the 0.01 release.
          So, I have only one USB log.

          Thx for your help.

          I could compare the logs.

          For the moment, it's rather positive.
          In fact, the logs are the same for the release 0.01 and 0.05
          (and it wasn't the case with the old windows driver)


          • Maxxer

            Maxxer - 2006-11-18

            I'll do my best. Actually my windows isn't booting anymore :-P

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