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Much faster, experimental version of Syntax2D released

Yongha Hwang and Sungsoon Cho from the University of Michigan have submitted a new version of the Syntax2D source code with optimizations that result in a significant speed increase in calculation (at least 5x faster).

If you are interested in trying out this new code, you can find it in the releases section. Note: It is based on the older version.

We hope to add it to the official version of S2D in the near future.

Posted by Nick Senske 2009-06-04

Announcing version

Major revisions to the software. Many asked for features including a new DXF import menu and axial line auto-generation.

Please report any bugs to the tracker.

Posted by Nick Senske 2008-12-17

Syntax2D v Released

Minor Bug fix to axial analysis and feature additions: export analysis results for all paths and changes to the 'Create Observation Points' dialog under the Path menu.

Posted by Nick Senske 2008-07-21

Version 1.3.0 Released

New Version Updates:

RRA correction
Autocorrelation update
Status bar update - shows current coordinate and measure value
Color scale update
Grid analysis warning
Added a dialog for space subdivisions (not complete yet)

Posted by Nick Senske 2008-02-09

Version 1.21 Application and Source Code Release

The latest update to the Syntax2D contains bug fixes and a new progress bar feature.

Additionally, this is our first version to be released at SourceForge under the GPL.

Posted by Nick Senske 2007-11-05