Is Synkron still in active development

Thomas W.
  • Thomas W.

    Thomas W. - 2012-03-15

    Hi Matúš,

    is Synkron still in active development?

  • Matus Tomlein

    Matus Tomlein - 2012-03-15

    Hi Thomas,

    currently the development of Synkron is suspended, because I am quite short on time. But I plan to continue the development and release version 2 as soon as I can (I am not sure when exactly).


    • advent.infosystems

      I'm largely with everyone here. Synkron is the best Free file synchronization program out there, and in terms of ease-of-use and the way the program operates, it's practically the ONLY alternative to the non-Free Microsoft SyncToy. It's the only one that works -- DirSync Pro is nice, except it sucks at propagating deletions, and FreeFileSync tries to install crapdware (though it works quite nicely, I just can't overlook that fact).

      Honestly, there's only one feature missing from Synkron -- the ability to minimize to the tray, or the ability to minimize to the tray by clicking the "x" button. Then I could sleep comfortably, knowing that my users wouldn't have the knowledge or wherewithal to close Synkron unexpectedly, thereby unintentionally disabling scheduled scans.

      Command-line startup switches would be nice, as would the ability to integrate with the Windows task scheduler -- but really, if I could just get that "minimize to tray instead of exiting the program," that would solve 99% of my problems. I love this program, and would donate to encourage development, as I'm sure many others would.

  • Anonymous - 2012-05-02


    Just wanted to say how much I love Synkron and use it extensively on my Mac and Windows machines. I appreciate your work and look forward to continuous updates and future versions.



  • Quentin Denis

    Quentin Denis - 2012-06-26

    Hey Matus,

    Same for me, I really like Synkron and use it on regular basis for basic syncs. However, some little features are missing to make SyncBack obsolete on my machines (especially the ability to clone two folders: remove files in destination folder if not available in source folder anymore).

    I am looking forward to discover version 2 and please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you.


  • Mario Ernst

    Mario Ernst - 2012-11-18

    Hello Matus,

    I again compared some sync tools. Synkron is in my opinion the best one, but unfortunately there are still some big issues like GUI freezing.

    I hope this project is still active and can't await version 2!


  • advent.infosystems

    Last edit: advent.infosystems 2013-09-20

    DCCXVIII - 2014-03-27

    Looks like its dead. A pity really.

  • Nhan

    Nhan - 2014-04-02

    Been switching around file/folder sync tool. Synkron was the first and went back to it after the 4 or 5th other tools.

    Now I use it daily and try other advance features. Hope I can get help for some issues (like force delete / update file with readonly attribute when synchronizing ...) from you guys.

    Thank you very much for the most time-saving tool ever.

    // Excuse for my bad English.


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