Get word with special symbol

  • kokobobo

    kokobobo - 2011-04-27

    I am trying to get word on cursor , and i found GetWordAtRowCol() and WordAtCursor

    But when i try string such like  "W1.2"  or   "A@B" , the result  will be  "W1"  and "A"

    Could anyone tell me how to get the whole word?

  • Bas Schouten

    Bas Schouten - 2011-04-27

    WordAtCursor uses period and At-sign as word boundaries, unless there is a activated Highlighter that specifies otherwise (see line 10390 in SynEdit.pas)

    GetWordAtRowCol only looks for the first non-identChars, which are all non-printable characters by default, or Space, numbers and letters when a highlighter is specified (see line 10360 in SynEdit.Pas)


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