Unicode support

  • kaiousama

    kaiousama - 2004-05-14

    To developers:

    Do you plan to add support for unicode text in synedit?
    Is it a short-term goal or a long-term one?


    • Maël Hörz

      Maël Hörz - 2005-01-07

      There is a Unicode version at http://mh-nexus.de/unisynedit.htm

      Although at the moment Asain characters like in Chinese/Japanese... have some display problems.
      Dean is working on a fix for this.

    • José Jorge

      José Jorge - 2005-07-18

      are you planning to include the option to save to UTF-8 encoding?

      Jos Jorge (Geo).

    • Christian Balzer

      Do you have an ETA for a stable release supporting unicode?
      UTF-8 support for saving files would be marvellous, too... :)


      I'm using PHP Designer 2005 which uses SynEdit, that's why I'm curious... ;)

    • Maël Hörz

      Maël Hörz - 2006-02-06

      UTF-8, UTF-16-LE, UTF-16-BE are all supported through the functions SaveToFile, LoadFromFile in SynUnicode.pas

      I fixed the problems with Asian glyphs.
      Though I haven't released Unicode SynEdit as stable yet, it is already 99% stable.


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