Why we can edit TDBSynEdit if no datasource?

  • Chau Chee Yang

    Chau Chee Yang - 2007-02-24


    The standard VCL data aware control has this behavior:

    1. If no DataSource or DataField assigned to the control, the control is read only
    2. If TDataSource.Dataset.Active = False, the control is read only
    3. If TDataSource.AutoEdit = False, the control is read only

    But the TDBSynEdit control doesn't confirm to this behavior. We can always enter text into the control even if no datasource or no data field assigned.

    Is this a bug?  Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Chau Chee Yang

    • Flávio Etrusco

      Flávio Etrusco - 2007-07-12

      I'd say so.


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