TSynWebSyn - Multi hl. for HTML, CSS, PHP, JS

  • Krystian Bigaj

    Krystian Bigaj - 2006-02-06

    TSynWebSyn is "multi" highlighter for HTML, CSS, PHP, JS.
    It doesn't use TSynMultiSyn, and also will NOT work correctly with it.

    Project page:

    For downloads go here (source code and exe demo):

    I would like to contribute it to SynEdit, but first TSynWebSyn need to be tested by other people.
    If you find bug, have any suggestion, please post it here: http://flatdev.dotgeek.org/item_add.php?project=2

    PS. Previous component name: SynHtmlMulti

    Best regards

    • Krystian Bigaj

      Krystian Bigaj - 2006-05-28

      New version avaiable here:

      Version v1.1.55 (this is first beta for unicode version)
      ! Unicode version (dev) (#18)

      Version v1.0.50 - stable
      ! PHP: Added also support for custom Heredoc names (#13)
      ! Reorganized highlighter classes. (#17)
      ! PHP: DocCommentAttrib (#19)
      Fixed some small bugs.
      This is first stable version.

      - support for embedded:
        - PHP, CSS, JS in HTML
        - PHP in CSS, JS
      - support for UniSynEdit
      - full validation for tags (also checks for valid '/>' or '/') and its attributes for HTML across difference versions (for XHTML - case sensitive)
      - values in tags without quotation are also highlighted as ValueAttrib (only in HTML, in XHTML is highlighted as error because, XHTML doesn't allow for unquoted values)
      - in CSS validation for tags (you can set also HTML version)
      - validation for Ampersand tags (eg. &, ©)
      - almost FULL validation for CSS across CSS1 and CSS2.1
      - support for <script language="php"> as start tag for PHP (also <?, <?php, <?=, <%)
      - end tags for PHP doesn't stop in strings, comments (stops only in singleline), etc, you can now write "<?xml ... ?>" and PHP mode doesn't stop,
      - suppor for custom HEREDOC names (defined in TStringList, or any you type - comparing based on CRC8)
      - supprt for encapusled vars or escaped chars in strings (different highlighter attrib) with error checking
      - any word (but not keyword or function name) writed in UpperCase highlighted as ConstantAttrib
      - ActiveHighlighterSwitch - see demo (check 'Active HL' in demo app)
      - parsed source code of php to get function names (for php4 and php5+PECL)
      - any many more.

      (TSynWeb won't work with TSynMultiSyn!)

    • Krystian Bigaj

      Krystian Bigaj - 2006-08-12

      New version avaiable here:

      Version v1.2 (Build 76) - Released: 2006-08-11 23:08
      ! Added (X)HTML tags matching (#27)
      ^ Added installation package (dpk) (#41)
      * Fixed '<script ...></script>' and '<style ...></style>' painting bug in Unicode version (#31)
      Included SynTokenMatch

      Version v1.1 (Build 61) - Released: 2006-07-05 19:07
      ^ Implemented functions: GetSampleSource, GetLanguageName, GetFriendlyLanguageName (#26)
      * CSS: Bug fix in '@import url(' (#24)
      * JS: Bug fix in '// comment <' (#25)
      * CSS: Bug fix in css-pseudo class parser (char '-' not recognized) (#28)
      * CSS2: Fixed escaping new line in strings (#30)
      Updated demo with latest SynTokenMatch

    • Krystian Bigaj

      Krystian Bigaj - 2006-12-11

      Version v1.3 (SVN rev. 100) - Released: 2006-12-08 19:12

      ! Added new WML 1.1/1.2/1.3 highlighter (+PHP) (#47)

      * Fixed small memory leaks (#44)

      * Fixed storing "Options" properties in .dfm (#48)

      Homepage: http://flatdev.ovh.org

      Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/synweb


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