Code Folding - Looking for a little guidance

  • Stewart

    Stewart - 2009-01-08

    Hi guys.  This message is primarily for the developers of SynEdit although if you think you might be able to help me out on this one I'm open to any suggestions.

    Basically I have been working on a code folding modification for SynEdit.  It is nothing like the one seen on Mystix, SynEditStudio or SynMix. 

    I have a screenshot here: if you want to see it. 

    Anyway the design of it is in some ways more simplistic than the other versions but also lends itself to fewer possible problems and significantly faster performance (Especially on large files).

    It just uses flags on lines and then those lines are ignored when painting. 

    Anyway the problem I am having is in regards to painting.  I have been able to get the line's to not paint and the other line's move up accordingly but if you go past where the fold is at the cursor jumps all over the place when you try to move it and when you type characters they are not drawn in. 

    I have a feeling the problem relates to where it determines the TopLine position.  I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out a good way to adjust this to account for any lines which aren't being painted but it's just not coming to me.  I'm posting here with the hope that maybe someone will have an insight that I'm missing.

    Thanks for your help


    • Ryan J. Mills

      Ryan J. Mills - 2009-01-21

      I'd be interested in helping with this.

      I've played with trying to get some code folding working as well, but haven't spent alot of time on it.

      It's funny that your using flags on lines, since I've gone the same way with getting line modified indicators
      working.  I thought about getting the code folding working with that as well.

      With out having a look at your code, could you not make a modification to the top line function
      where you are able to pre-determine that you have a folded region in the current viewable area
      and adjust the values from there?

      Send me a message through sourceforge and I'll reply to get you my direct email.



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