#52 Notification suppport


Please add support for notifications through windows balloons (default), email as it has already been suggested, and if present on the users computer Snarl (http://www.getsnarl.info/) or Growl (http://www.growlforwindows.com/). Show a notification on the start and finish of a sync, errors, updates available, anything else that might be useful.

With Snarl and Growl, the user would also beable to forward the notifications to there phone or another PC, and it would also help out other open-source projects and in return may result in more users.

I personally prefer Snarl, but GfW has a lot going for it too. Both the mac and windows versions of Growl use the same protocol, which means if you ever ported Create Synchronicity to mac it would be a very easy to get it to work with the mac version.


  • Clément Pit--Claudel


    CS does Windows ballons, and I'm working on mail.

    Growl and snarl are nice, but I don't personally use any, and it doesn't really play nice ith my ideal of keeping CS as lightweight as possible.

    Growl supports growlnotify, which you can call from a post-sync user script, though. What do you think ?

  • Clément Pit--Claudel


    Are you still interested in this? I've made some progress regarding mail today, by implementing an option to log errors separately.



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