On 11/05/11 12:35, Kal Sze wrote:

I have successfully built and installed the following packages in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1. By "successfully" I really mean that 'configure', 'make', and 'sudo make install' had no complaints. I had to disable udev support though, because I couldn't find the headers for it in SUSE.
Unfortunately, the PC still does not recognise the Windows CE 5 handheld device when I plug it in.

After booting the PC, when the handheld device is plugged for the first time, I could see that Windows CE attempts to establish a USB connection, but fails after waiting a few seconds. Subsequent attempts to unplug and replug result in no visible reaction in Windows CE, until the PC is rebooted.

When I attempt to execute pls on the PC, I get this message:

** Message: dccm is not running, ignoring
** Message: Device /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_5e0_2000_noserial_if0_serial_usb_0 not fully set in Hal, skipping
** Message: Odccm is not running, ignoring

There is also no new network interface that corresponds to the handheld device when I execute 'ifconfig' on the PC.

Even though SynCE was designed with Windows Mobile in mind, I could get Windows CE to work with the synce-pls, synce-pcp, synce-prm command line tools in Ubuntu 11.04, so I'm sure there is only a little something missing from the SUSE setup.

Would somebody be able to help me?


SynCE packages for SLE 11 are available on the OBS in mobile:synchronization:FACTORY

I've just fixed a few packages that were out of date, repo is here:

I don't have a SLE machine to test but if you encounter any issues let me know and I'll try and fix it. It's built with hal support, since as you noticed there is no gudev available.

And most of the information from http://en.opensuse.org/SynCE applies also on SLE, particularly firewall & NetworkManager.

BTW Windows CE is just an older name of Windows Mobile -- pre-2003 (and was the original source for the name Syn"CE" I would guess).