Strange calendar sync

  • fod

    fod - 2008-12-04

    hi there, great project by the way.

    i installed and setup synce and open sync as per the instructions on this site. All went well. Contacts sync effortlessly and calendar events sync as well, all be it, one day early. for example. on friday the 3rd i have an all day appointment in evolution calendar. when i sync it with my htc iris (wm6) it comes up as being on thursday the 2nd. My timezones and clocks are set correctly on both the pc and the phone. Maybe someone has had some experience with this before?

    I am using ubuntu hardy 32 bit, and a usb cable to connect it to my htc iris running wm6.

    Thanks in advance for the help,


    • Saint

      Saint - 2009-03-12


      i've something similar to this problem!
      My system OpenSuse 11.1 KDE4.2 libsynce0 also  rapi2 opensync and kpm in
      Yakumo Delta-X with WM5
      Files, calendar and tasks are synced very well.
      The only thing is contacts! These are synced with more or less with every field but the DOB and aniversary fields ar all off one day as described in the post from blahfod.
      As i look inthe synce log in folder ./synce , i found the xml statements for the contacts, which show in the date of birth and aniversary parts one day off (e.g. it states 18.02.1941 as correct in PDA-Contact 19.02.1941, also 01.04.1993 as correct 02.04.1993 ).
      Could this be a parsing error some where in the scripts? Any suggestions?
      On the other hand, if syncing with synce opensynce-plugin and evo2sync i'll get around this, switching of the contacts-calendar, which shows the wrong dates because this dates ar shown corrcet as normal calendar entries in the personal-calendar!
      It is only anoying that the fields in the adressbook are ou of date.



    • Eric CATTELIN

      Eric CATTELIN - 2009-03-16

      Same problem as you Santy !!

      The birthday date has one day early. I use Ubuntu Intrepid with libsynce0 0.13.

      I'm seeing on the synce-sync-engine that the day extract from WM6.1 is wrong.
      I have another problem with the creation of contact. The format don't respect the field order. When you create manualy  a contact, you have first the professional number field, and the second field is for cellular number. When you sync new contact. The first field is transform to cellular number and the second field don't change. So you have two fields whith cellular number. One with the transfered number and one with blank field.

      So you contact card in evolution will not display cellular number. You need to open the contact to see the cellular number.

      Someone can open a tread in the bug tracker ?

      Sorry for my bad english.



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