#159 Several fields are lost when syncing back from mobile to PC


When I first sync my Evolution contacts to my phone (HTC Touch Diamond, WM6.1) all data seems to be transmittet. When I the edit something in my phone and sync back to Evolution, several fields get lost.

So far I recognized that:
- birthday
- additional phone number
- spouse

get lost (I hope I translated the fields correctly as I am using a german Evolution).

Spouse wouldn't be the problem but birthday and "additional phone number" are fields I really use.

When I save the additional phone numbers as "private phone", "mobile phone", "FAX" or whatever they are synced properly.
I see that this should be the right way to do it but the numbers were automatically assigned to "additional number" by a prvious sync with another mobile.


  • Dahaniel

    Dahaniel - 2008-10-23
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Mark Ellis

    Mark Ellis - 2009-02-04

    What distro are you using, and what version of opensync and sync-engine ?

  • Mark Ellis

    Mark Ellis - 2009-02-06
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mark_ellis
  • Dahaniel

    Dahaniel - 2009-05-27

    I just tried again with Ubuntu Jaunty andsynce-sync-engine 0.13-0ubuntu0~ppa1~jaunty1 and opensync-plugin-evolution 0.22-2ubuntu2

    Birthday fate seems to work now but profile pictures get lost upon sync from mobile to evolution when I make any change to the contact on my phone. The picture is still available on my phone but gets deleted in evolution.

  • Dahaniel

    Dahaniel - 2009-05-27

    still spouse is not being written from phone to evolution

  • David Eriksson

    David Eriksson - 2015-12-17
    • Status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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