Sync problems with iphone & OSX

  • Antonio Scrittorale

    Well the problem may well be me but I do't think so I have been trying to  sync using SyncDocs which I  downloaded a short while ago I have made sure that it I did "BIND" it to my wireless address, "  as shown in the help area. Yet the iPhone app I am using "RingUpFree"  seems to remove the listed file for upload.  And it turn uploads nothing . . . any one got an answer?

    • Chris Evans

      Chris Evans - 2009-01-22

      Oh, I didn't even know Ring It Up used SyncDocs.

      Please clarify whether you are sending files to the iPhone or sending files from the iPhone to your computer running SyncDocs (or both).

      • Antonio Scrittorale

        well  sending to the iPhone it says it "downloaded" 8  files to my mac but I have no idea what they were or where they were downloaded too. I need to send file TO  my iPhone.

        • Chris Evans

          Chris Evans - 2009-01-23

          If the message on your iPhone just after a sync includes "x files received" then that means the files have been successfully transferred to your iPhone.  If the files don't then appear in the iPhone application, you will need to contact the vendor of the iPhone application to determine why the files are not showing up.

          If the message on your iPhone just after a sync includes "x files sent" then the iPhone application has sent files to your Mac.  To see these sent files, click "Show Downloads" in the main SyncDocs window.

        • Chris Evans

          Chris Evans - 2009-01-23

          Please also either e-mail me the troubleshooting log (I replied on Jan 21 to your initial e-mail) or paste it into this thread.

          To get the troubleshooting log, see:

          Start SyncDocs in troubleshooting mode, do whatever it is that causes the problem, then e-mail it to me or paste it here.



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