syn RC 1 released

I have uploaded next release in v2.1 branch - It is Release Candidate, because almost all reported bugs are fixed, and I hope to fix the rest for the final version. Please download it and check if there are other not reported/fixed nasty bugs, since I would like to focus my efforts on syn v3.0.


** Modifications **
- output expression handles files with fwd slashes in path (Unux like)
- syn recognizes <? ?> delimiters in HTML files

** Bugfixes **
- fixed processing of output expression
- fixed "Alt-Tab to get Back from Help" isssue
- fixed AV when using Reopen, PrintPreview and SaveAs methods of Document script object (stivie)
- #842165 - Unhandled exception when deleting last profile in a project
- #847811 - A bug
- #850536 - Dialog display problem in Win XP
- #841098 - Windowbar mess with many open files
- #851315 - FTP can fail for files with no extension
- #837358 - script tag messes up in Multi-HTML highlighted file
- #788327 - script tag breaks php highlighting
- other minor issues

You can download it (as always) from:

Have fun,

Posted by Danail Traichev 2003-12-15

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