Final release of syn Version 2.1 ( & goodbye


I've released the final version of syn 2.1 today, but I'm not quite sure if it's stable enough. However, I did that because I'll leave the project and I wanted that there is a binary release of the latest source for those not having access to CVS and a Delphi compiler.

You probably already heard about the patent issue in Europe (in a nuteshell: Software Patents are no longer illegal in Europe, and a 10 Liner infirges in avarage 20 Patents. syn has 200,000 source lines ~ 400,000 patent infrigements), so I decided that I won't release a Software product or Source code to the public any further.

It's not very likely that I would be sued due to a patent infrigement -- I suppose the first targets of the lawers will be middle and small software companies --, but this is also a protest against an incredible stupit politics of jumping-jacks and bunglers. It seems that european politicians (except the Greens, who voted against) are as easy to buy than their US colleagues, or even easier. I'm waiting for an offer on eBay like: "Your favourite government for sale." This is a black day for Europe and Democracy in general. Almost everyone who knew about software patents, except those bought by the B$A, were against it.

Thanks for your support in the last years, and finally making syn what it is today. syn wouldn't be what it is without your help, suggestions, ideas and bugreports. Thanks also for just being here, and preventing me from thinking that there are only idiots out there. I had a little doubt in this regard the last time.

Bye Stefan

Posted by Ascher Stefan 2003-09-24

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