SymmetricDS low performance when the number of records in sym_outgoing_batch grows

  • Enrique Altuna

    Enrique Altuna - 2013-02-22

    Hello for everybody.

    I have been using SymmetricDS for a while. In my business some nodes can(and it is the normal behavior) be without network access for long time periods.

    Recently, the performance of the system has significantly dropout. When I have check the sym_outgoing_batch table I can see about 2000000 batches waiting to be syncronized to some nodes, some of then with no connections in the last month. Also about 20000000 records in sym_data_event. There are a lot of querys for sym_outgoing_batch, sym_data, sym_data_event and a lot of joins.

    My request is about a new functionality. One where you can configure a max_count of outgoing batches to be in the sym_outgoing_batch. Other batches for this node can be temporarily moved to other table.
    A new job can be created to do this work.

  • Chris Henson

    Chris Henson - 2013-02-24

    That definitely sounds like a scenario that we should be able to handle better. Instead of moving the data to another table, I wonder if it would be better to go ahead and extract the data to the file system so the data can be purged from the tables. I would be pretty easy to create a job that does that. Maybe we could add a field on sym_outgoing_batch that indicates that the data has already been extracted. Downside might be that the file system might be a bit more susceptible to corruption and might take up more file system space.

    Thoughts, anyone?


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