Johann Roturier

Welcome to SymEval!

SymEval is a translation evaluation toolkit that allows you to compare and score translations. All you need is source text and translated texts that you would like to evaluate. SymEval generates automatic scores for all segments (based on external metrics), an overall project score and visually intuitive differences.


  • SymEval offers two types of comparisons: comparison of two translation sets (Eval) or comparison of two test suites (Diff)
  • SymEval supports TMX, XLIFF (generated by Idiom World Server) and TXT files as inputs files
  • SymEval supports the extraction of sentence sets from TMX and XLIFF files.

Getting Started

First, read the [Documentation] page. The latest files can be downloaded in a compressed format from Files or checked out from the Code Repository


The development of SymEval is supported by Symantec. The project is managed by members of Symantec's Research Labs group.

Getting help and reporting problems

After making sure that issues have not been answered already by the [Documentation], Code Documentation or [FAQ], you can send an email to the user mailing list (you will need to subscribe to the list first).

You may also check the following user-contributed materials:

Using SymEval - user-contributed video

Open Source License

SymEval is licensed under the LGPL.


All non-Symantec entities or employees who wish to participate in the Open Source project would have to sign a Contributor Agreement with Symantec (as done in other open-source projects). All contributors who work for companies would also have their company sign an Employer Contribution Agreement, to ensure that the company does not maintain an interest in the code. If you are interested in contributing, please express your interest through the mailing list.


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