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Amiga OS 4 Port

Symbolica 0.8 has been ported to AmigaOS 4 by Johan Samuelsson, get it at or from sourceforge (seperate data file)

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2007-07-31

Symbolica 0.8

New Version:

- Unlimited levels through random level generator
- Custom Seed for the random level generator
- Windows port

This release provides data in a separate package. GP2X and N800 versions already include the data, for everything else you have to download the data package and extract it from within the symbolica folder.

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2007-06-18

N800 debian package

Finally the N800 debian package has been added to the download section. It is kindly provided by Christoph Frick. The music has been removed from this version, as it does not work anyway.

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2007-04-11

Debian/i386 packages available

Get them from:
They are kindly provided by João Pinto

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2007-04-09

Symbolica 0.7

Initial release. Gameplay is finished, but this project needs level builders.

There is no n-800 binary yet, but it compiles from source and a binary install package is on the way.

Posted by Heiko Irrgang 2007-04-07