symbiont_media eating %25 proc constantly

Brian Z
  • Brian Z

    Brian Z - 2004-07-26

    Anyone know why the symbiont_media script is eating a quarter of a p3 600 constantly, even with only a single thin client connected?

    Should this script be running all the time, or be killed off at some point?

    Is there a way to see what it's doing?

    • Gideon Romm

      Gideon Romm - 2004-07-27

      Hi.  The reason for the high processor use is the "symbiont_media" script used in the latest version of the symbiont to aid in the "Direct Save" removable media option.

      The script is, admittedly, poorly written, but gets the job done.  A more elegant and much less "brute force" script can and will be written for newer versions.

      In fact, consider this a call for volunteers!  If anyone reading this is familiar with programming utilizing services such as "fam" for monitoring file changes, and if you would like to help this project, please post.

      To sum up, we're aware of this issue.  And, we will be addressing it....

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Brian Z

      Brian Z - 2004-07-31

      Good to know. If I had some time to spare I would add my feeble scripting knowledge to the effort. Keep us posted on the developments.


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