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Brian Z
  • Brian Z

    Brian Z - 2004-07-24

    Is there a guide as to what the "Removable Media Settings" for "direct save (symbiont_media)" do exactly?

    I can see a set of four each usb floppy, and usb hard drive links are created in users home directores. Also, a link for CDROM and Floppy is created. All links show as "(broken)" on a system with no usb devices connected, and without cdrom/floppy installed.

    Do these links automatically activate upon connecting a usb device? What devices are supported exactly? CDROM's? CD-RW's? DVD-RW's? Pen drives?

    If these are all supported, why is there still an option in the symbiont management suite for mtools-based usbpen/usbfloppy/floppy drives?

    • Gideon Romm

      Gideon Romm - 2004-07-27

      Unfortunately, our documentation is lagging development right now, so I can't give you a guide.  But, here's the basic idea:

      A user at a thin client terminal should have a "Local Drives" directory in his/her home directory.  When they view this directory, the system will try to automount the various media options in that directory (Floppy, CDROM, ...).  Accessible devices will appear as sub directories, while inactive ones appear as broken links.

      NOTE:  You must make sure that on the server:
      1. autofs is running ("service autofs restart" on Fedora)
      2. symbiont_media is running
      3. "Direct save" option is selected in the SWM

      also, that you reboot the thin client if you just applied the new settings.

      Currently, we support Floppy, CDROM, USBHDD (including flash/pen drives), and USB Floppy.  No CDRW or USB CDROM just yet.

      The SMS/SWM still has the option for the mtools-based drives to accomodate our K12LTSP users who have already trained their students/users to save that way.  Also, currently, if for some reason you wanted to limit removable media to just one particular type for security reasons, you would do it with mtools, since the direct save is all or none.

      Again, thanks for the feedback!

    • Brian Z

      Brian Z - 2004-07-31

      usb cdrom, usb cdrw, and cdrw (local) would be very useful additions to the simplified management of the Symbio Management Suite.


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