C6-00 Black Screen

  • Flecha

    Flecha - 2012-01-26

    Hi. Just installed OggPlay2 and tried to run it. Got an error saying that no songs were found and the program closed.

    Then I placed some files in E:/Ogv, and the program opens. It lets me chose one song from a list and them plays it, but with a black screen and no buttons. When the song finishes, the program closes.

    Tried earlier versions, they show a splash screen, but after they close with "ogg error: 2, -12".

    I have no experience with mobile, but I know C/C++, if you can give me a start, maybe I can help with the black screen problem, since it should be only an interface problem, right?

  • Flecha

    Flecha - 2012-01-27

    I am thinking to make the interface using PyS60.
    So… is there a way call OggPlay just to play a song, from outside the program?
    I tried "oggplay2 /path/to/song" but it just started the program, ignoring the argument.


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