Nokia 5800

  • Aitor

    Aitor - 2009-02-18

    I've recently bought a Nokia 5800 and I've tried to install Oggplayer in it. First, it showed an error. Then, after installing mcNuOggPlayQVGA, it runs. But there's a problem: 5800's screen is very big and the program only uses a quarter of the screen. Therefore, moving the bar in the touch screen gets painfully hard.Moreover, as the 5800 doesn't have a physical numeric keyboard, I can't select features like Random. My question is, are you planning to make a version for 5800's Symbian 9.4? Thanks!

    • Stuart Fisher

      Stuart Fisher - 2009-02-28

      I've uploaded a skin that just about works here:

    • Aitor

      Aitor - 2009-03-01

      Thank you very much! :D Did you do it yourself? If so, is there any tutorial where it's explained how to make a skin like that?

    • tdl

      tdl - 2009-03-02

      Can anyone tell me if it's possible to install that Vorbis plugin for the 5800's multimedia framework in order to play oggs with the default player and use them as ringtones etc? I've been trying without success to compile the plugin found on the Symbian site for a while now.

    • gourgou

      gourgou - 2009-06-11

      Actually, the player is not really usable yet, even with the adapted skin: as the phone has no physical keyboard, you don't have access to the commands (play, stop, etc.) which are not in the options menu (random play is, for instance). They should appear somehow on the screen (and react to being touched, obviously)... Would it do to just adapt a skin, or does it require some code beforehand? I'm willing to help, but I lack time ATM and I am new to development for symbian (but I'm a c++ dev, apart from that).

      The remote buttons are not recognized.

      And also, it doesn't seem that you could just launch the app on a directory... I didn't find such a thing (so ATM, you can play tracks one at a time only).

      Last thing: the program seems to order the files in an album by the title tag... which is just not what I want: I'd prefer a sort on filenames (which I always prefix with the track number on two digits) or, at least, on the track number tag (but they're not included in all my files... just like the artist tag, hence I got "unknown artist" tracks all mixed up, while they're carefully stored in a dir for each album)... I hope you get the idea ;-)

      On a sidenote : the existence of an ogg/flac reader is the reason why I resolved to buy a Symbian S60 phone. The fact that it's v5 while oggplay only goes up to v3 is quite unfortunate but then again : I'm willing to give a hand ;-)

      Do you peruse an irc channel I could join to get into serious matter when I'm less busy?

      • Reto Bachmann-Gmuer

        I'm using oggplay on a Nokia E75 and I didn't find a way to open a single file, the only thing I can do is scan a medium for ogg-files and play them. But it would be nice to be able to play individual files I get via bluetooth or email.

    • FSHero

      FSHero - 2009-08-30

      Is there any chance of the devs / other people optimising this program for S60 V5? I would really appreciate this as I desperately need a decent OGG playback for Nokia 5800 XM!

      OggPlay v.1.71a  with the skin posted by Stuart Fisher doesn't have play/pause buttons on the screen, and the remote control accessory (square shape) doesn't work. The display becomes corrupted when switching apps and switching back to OggPlay.

      • gourgou

        gourgou - 2009-08-31

        You can have a play/pause button by going to Options > Settings > Application and setting "Right Button/idle" to "Play" and "Right Button/playing" to "pause".

        There's indeed some kind of problem with the refreshing of the screen, but you can work it around simply by flipping your phone: if you have it in portrait, swap to landscape (and back, if you want). That will redraw the screen completely.

        I haven't found a way to use the remote.

    • gourgou

      gourgou - 2009-08-31

      Oh, and I have to add that I was wrong on several points in my first post here: If one choose to browse by "sub-files" (or don't know how it is said in english), files are sorted by file name inside each directory, and the playing mode advances from one track to the next.

      So... for me, SymbianOggPlay could be polished a lot for S60v5, but it's still a decent enough ogg player. Well, does the job ;-)


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