ogg codec ? problems whit hight volume tracks

  • Giulio Benetti

    Giulio Benetti - 2010-05-03

    I use oggplay from lots of years.
    I was used tu have *.mp3 files. 2 days ago I convert usign Easy CD-DA extractor my 8GB's MP3 files into ogg files @ 64kbps (2,5GB)
    Listening the files with my PC the quality is perfect but when i put it into my E51 phone and i try to listen them the quality is horrible.
    With the low volume songs (songs that have been registred in low volume, not that I hear in low volume) it's all ok but, with any songs, expecially when there is a beat of drums or strong sound, it is like when the volume is to hight for the speaker..it scratch…

    I think it can be a codecs problem….nobody now?


    Giulio B.

  • n/a

    n/a - 2010-06-28


    Can you verify that problem is in ogg or in player, and it is not a hardware problem playing high volume audio, for example code audio to mp3 and ogg formats with medium/high bitrate and compare then by ear. IMHO: Size can be sacrificed when quality is required.


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