App State 8, Error -28 on PLS playlist

  • Patness

    Patness - 2011-04-19

    I have a sumilar problem. Drawing from the sample format on Wikipedia:


    The result is App State 8, Error -28. I'm grossly overtired at the moment, but where is the code that parses playlists in the CVS? Even simplifying the playlist and removing version numbers or song lengths for preload; cutting empty space out of paths; you name it, this .pls file will not load.

    I'm not great with C/C++ (I had to drop out of school in the semester where I'd've used it), but I'd gladly help fix the problem if I knew where to find it.

  • Patness

    Patness - 2011-04-19

    Here's a more pointed question: where is the implementation of ScanPlsPlaylistL(TFileName)? And where is a listing of error codes?

    I only find one occurrence of the method, in OggPlayUIStartup line 344, in any of the files in the src/ directory. I have to be missing it, if it's been tested successfully on several models of phone.

    For reference, mine's a Nokia C5-04 running S60v5.

    I tried again, using a simple M3U playlist (which your parser should accept) in the following variants:


    The playlist files were otherwise empty (white space notwithstanding). They produced the same result - App State 8, Error -28. I have great difficulty imagining that this is an I/O problem, because we play .ogg files directly, in the player, but… there it is.

    Any ideas?


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