Play through bluetooth headset & mp3's (6600)

  • dave2004

    dave2004 - 2004-07-18

    hi, when i have the OVcontroller installed with the latest ogg play (1.5.1) the sounds plays fine out of my bluetooth headset, although the time which says how long is left in the song is not working correctly. is their anyway the oggplay can play through the bluetooth headset without the OVcontroller installed? and when will the plugin be released for nokia 6600 so i can play mp3's through ogg play?

    thanks for any help

    • Berthier Lemieux

      That's new stuff, I didn't know that playing through bluetooth headset was possible at all for 3rd party SW... Did you try to stream to the BT HS without OVController?
      If it didn't work, that would be very interesting, I'll then investigate what we can do about it. Probably fixing the OVController so that it shows time correctly would be the easiest solution. I do not have BT HS, can't try it myself.
      For the mp3 plugin, it might come out or it might not. We do have something almost working, but we do have some problem with the licensing, MP3 format has license fees, it can't be released as freeware. But we'll see what can be done about it.


    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-07-19

      yes i tryed playing it without the OVcontroller and the timer just stays on 0 seconds and nothing changes (as if you havent pressed any button) also it only works if you install OVcontroller before installing ogg play. shame about the mp3 plugin. but i do have ultra mp3, it would just be nice to have them all in one program.

    • Berthier Lemieux

      Could you do one more test?
      Remove OVController, boot the phone, install OggPlay.
      (Sounds so much like a M$ user support answer, but I think it could work).
      It should really work without OVController. I does work on my 6600, hopefully it's not a Firmware related...

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-07-20

      oggplay works fine without ovcontroller installed although it doesn't play through the bluetooth headset, sorry if i was unclear above. although with the ovcontroller installed oggplay often freezes up on the main page (blue screen where is says oggplay, version 1.5.1, series 60) and will not change and i need to reboot the phone. i fix this by opening oggplay then pressing the red button, then connecting the BT HS then holding 'menu' button and selecting oggplay. it would just be nice to uninstall ovcontroller, and have oggplay working on my BT HS without opening it in a special way. also because the OVcontroller is uninstalled the time remaining is also displayed correctly.

      thanks for your help

    • Berthier Lemieux

      Okey, I didn't understood correctly first time. Now sounds more like something I expected...
      Because this BT HS is very very nice/hot stuff, I will work on a ogg plugin that follows more closely the OvController Symbian Example. I'll need a beta tester for that, since I do not have BT HS. I'll let you know when I have something to try out :-)

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-07-21

      ok thank you very much, one more question. is their any reason why on the new oggplay (1.5.1) the names of songs are not displayed correctly, (eg. 'file name' by unnasigned) whereas in V1.0 they were all displayed correctly.

    • Berthier Lemieux

      That's probably the OvController effect, it doesn't handle the tags correctly. That was the main reason why we said in the release notes that OvController should be removed before using OggPlay.
      With the Ogg decoder coming with the 1.5.1 package, this shouldn't happen? Could you confirm this?

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-07-22

      yes the songs are displayed correctly without ovcontroller installed. and also the time is displayed correctly. the program is generally alot better without ovcontroller installed, although i cant play through my BT HS :( is their any chance soon it will be able to play from the bluetooth headset?

      thanks again for the great program and if you need anything tested let me know.

    • Berthier Lemieux

      Some test package with BT HS streaming should be ready in about a week or two. I'll let you know when we have something to test!

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-07-25

      if you have something for me to test could you e-mail it to

      also i dont know if this helps but on the current version of oggplay (1.5.1) when the phone is connected to the BT HS it will always freeze up on the opening page. this happens with or without OVcontroller installed. the way to get round this is to open oggplay, then press the red button. connect the BT HS to the phone, then reopen oggplay. you can the play songs through the bluetooth headset if you have the OVcontroller installed but if you dont when you attemt to play a song nothing happens. hope this helps

    • Berthier Lemieux

      Here we go. Version 1.6.1 should support bluetooth headset streaming.
      Comments are welcomed !

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-10-13

      thanks for the new version, the ringtones are brilliant and work fine. thanks alot. unfourtunatly i seem 2 have misplaced my bluetooth headset so i cant try it yet. but i dunno if its my phone but the sound quality is now very poor with a funny crackling/popping type sound both through the headphones and loudspeaker. i wonder if this is the new verison or just my phone. i havent had any time 2 do any tests though. thanks alot for the new version again.

    • Berthier Lemieux

      That's what I feared. I remove some buffering to get the ringtones working, and this probably creates the crackling (or it's the rate conversion which is now done by the MMF framework?)
      I'll try to fix that asap.

    • X N

      X N - 2004-10-18

      Hi there. I just tested oggplay 1.6.1 in my 6600 with firmware 5.27.0, and can report the following:

      ogg-rigtone support works. in my phone normally there is only one pop or crack when beginning to play the ogg, then ok.

      bt-headset works when playing with oggplay, my headset is jabra bt-200.

      i was going to report that when using ogg as an ringtone, and bt-heaset is connected, it plays both the speaker and headset, but i found out, that it does so with midi-ringtones also, however, the ogg is playing ok from the speaker, but at the same time listening from the headset, the playback clicks and pops through the whole ogg.

      but when playing with oggplay and bt-hs connected, the speaker is off and bt-hs working ok. I cannot say about the quality, because i havent tested this with other versions, but the quality is poor anyways, because of the quality of the headset, i think... so no quality decrease from oggplay i think.

      i just stumbled upon here, and decided to share these experienses, i think i'm not necessarily going to be very active member reading these forums, but keep up the good work! actually the player seems to be almost in the point i want it to be, just some pops and clicks removed, and oh yeah, the mp3 plugin i would like very much.

      thanks and good night from finland! =)

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-10-18

      in the latest firmware 5.27 for the nokia 6600 the ringtones are designed to come out of both the BT HS and loudspeaker. this isn't a problem with ogg or the phone or anything, just a change in the latest version.

      i hope my BT HS turns up soon because i want to test the quality ect and its starting to annoy me i have a jabra bt-250 so should work the same as yours

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-10-28

      just like to say that the bluetooth headset streaming is working fine, so thanks alot. also one more thing if it is at all possible that there is any chance of getting rid of the lag when oggplay closes? thanks again and the random ringing tone is brilliant and works fine on my nokia 6600 with v3.42.


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