Don't know how to instal software on2 my 6600

  • woody189

    woody189 - 2004-09-26

    HI. i have a nokia 6600 and i recently purchased a bluetootth usb adapter. i can easily transfer videos and audio from pc to phone and vice versa, but i can't seem to transfer software. plese guide me in how to do so. i try to install theĀ  program, but when i open it, it just says installer and closes. please help....also, i tried downloading games and other applications from other sites, but they don't seem to work either...please help me by telling me how to install them, and if you know any free sites.....thank you.

    • dave2004

      dave2004 - 2004-09-26

      i dont think you are doing anything wrong, i think it is a problem with the phone of somesort, i dont know what exactly though. ive never had the problem myself but ive heard formatting the phone fixes this,

      first back up everything to mmc card (and contacts to sim directory) then type *#7370# in the phone and enter your lock code (default 12345) or if you dont know your lock code you can turn off the phone and hold "*" & "green" & "3" and then turn the phone on and this does the same thing.

      hope this helps


      • woody189

        woody189 - 2004-09-28

        Thank you, but it didn't work. the same problem keeps on happening


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