Nokia E51 - crahes after fonts installed

  • analogue-sg

    analogue-sg - 2008-03-01

    my Nokia E51 crashes upon rebooting right after installating of OggPlayFonts.sis
    Phone shows the "Nokia" screen, flashes a few times, and auto-power off.
    The only way I can get the phone to start up again is to do a hard reset (press and hold down 7 and 3 and green button while phone is powering up).

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this installation problem?

    • notwen

      notwen - 2008-03-01

      Do you have a memory card installed? Try installing the fonts without the card and report back. I have the same problem with my Nokia 6120c.

    • Stanley Teo

      Stanley Teo - 2008-08-22

      I have a N82, and experiencing the same thing.  Unfortunately, i choose to install the fonts onto main memory.  Not sure if this is the reason for this happening...


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