compatibility with SonyEricsson P910i

  • gazzawazza

    gazzawazza - 2004-10-08

    Hi there.

    I'm just about to buy the P910i but thought, given it runs on Symbian OS 7, I'd best check to see if there's any fundamental reason why OggPlay won't work on it.

    Could somebody advise me on this, as I've been waiting for a year for a phone that has the memory upgradeability, stereo playback and the ability to play .ogg files... and it would be tragic to find that I can't play my tunes on it?



    • Richard Martin

      Richard Martin - 2004-10-18

      I got a p910i last week and the first thing I installed was OggPlay. OggPlay is fantastic!

      It runs very well on the P910i.

      There is however, one bug that bugs me. I don't know if this is unique to the p910, but when a track starts the first half a second or so 'jumps'.

      Jumps isn't exactly right... it is more like there is a delay for half a second and then you get the whole second crammed into the last half of the first second.

      This is, of course, particularly annoying on albums where the tracks are supposed to run seemlessly into each other.

      Anyway: OggPlay rocks! Thanks to everyone involved (including the Vorbis chaps) for making such a great piece of software available for free.

    • Claus

      Claus - 2004-10-21

      I have the same Problem as Richard on my P800. So it's not unique for the new P910i.
      For Albums where the tracks are supposed to run seamlessly into each other I found a solution that works quite fine - at leas for me.
      I copy all tracks into one big ogg-file (I type something like "copy /B /V *.ogg "album.ogg" in a DOS-box opened in the directory where the album tracks are) and move the resulting large file to my P800. It is recognized by OggPlay without any problems as one long track.




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