Probelm fast forwarding long MP3 files?

  • schwa23

    schwa23 - 2004-10-21

    I have some long form mp3s (1hr50mins or so) and I was trying to fast forward through them and about 30 minutes or so the time elapsed counter would go from, say "25:18" to "-3:-7" and I could no longer fast forward through the track.

    Is this a software bug or perhaps a problem with my phone?  (Nokia 6620, oggplay 1.6.1, music is stored on 512 mb mmc card)

    A real nice feeature would be either bookmarking times or adding a "Go to time" function...



    • Berthier Lemieux

      I suspect this to be a firmware bug. I tried to repeat it with my phone, and I could get up to 65:00 something. Then it jumped back to the start.  If it would have jumped at around 30:00 like you told, I wouldn't have been so sure about a possible bug in OggPlay, but since the number differs soo much, there is probably something in the mp3 plugin.
      Have you tried if the built-in player was doing the same?

    • schwa23

      schwa23 - 2004-10-26

      A bit more specific, it seems to happen at almost exactly 35:47 in two different long tracks in oggplay.  If I let it, it will keep playing, but if I try and fastforward after the timer has "reset", it will jump back to the beginning.

      In the built in player I can't really even fastforward that far, it seems to freeze after tapping the fastforward button so much.


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